Sunday, April 15, 2012

NaPoWriMo 2012 - Day #15 - Sunday is not a good day to write poetry

bear with the gibberish today...

Sunday is not a good day to write poetry

Sunday is not a good day to write poetry,
because if you need to work (like i do),
the day is white-washed, you reach home frayed,
you think of food, and bed, and not poetry
(unless the muse sympathises with you).

And if you need not work, you want to play,
suddenly the day flaps by very quickly,
(remember, there's always not enough time for fun)
unless the muse tags along, which is unlikely,
you may have a couple of lines, or stanzas
about your great BBQ party, or that hike in the hills,


Sunday is not a good day to write poetry.


amazing! the muse pitied me. however, i will be attending courses (with tests, oh man!) for the next three days, so Monday to Wednesday too may not be good days to write poetry...

© cheong lee san ( dsnake1 ), 2012


Ravenblack said...

Any day that one has to work is not an ideal day for writing. I think the purpose of NaPo for me is to force me to see that it can be done.

dsnake1 said...

yes, that's right. i think the purpose of NaPo is to find yourself,see what you can really do, how disciplined you can be. you will write some gems, but there will be some, if not numerous duds. i guess it does not matter. what matters is you tried.

whew! :)