Tuesday, November 27, 2012

good day

Well, today has been a very good day, so far. No work, woke up late, laze around, button mashing on the PS3 console. We Singaporeans are "the most emotionless people in the world" * but today I am feeling very happy.

For starters, early in the morning, my daughter gave me this card.

card by Apple
scan by dsnake1

A lovingly hand-crafted card, with an image of Psyduck, one of my fave cartoon characters, no less.

And she wrote :
"Sixty flowers bloom
In a bed of great wisdom"


And then she gave me two presents, two collectibles of some of my favourite characters. This is one of them :

the alien from Toy Story
photo by dsnake1


The sun was up all day, it was really nice, but just as I was about to take the bike out for a spin, the rains came again. Maybe later. Oh well, there's always the beer in the fridge.

* I didn't make this up, a Gallup poll says so.

© cheong lee san ( dsnake1 ), 2012


Ravenblack said...

Didn't know you are a fan of Pokemon. :)

Singaporeans are not emotionless, we just know how to hide it well from others. They have not read the poems of ours and our countrymen's surely! Polls...of course we are not share our true feelings on a poll!

dsnake1 said...

heh, just trying to know some of the stuff my daughter likes. :)
not just these cute things she likes, but also anime and japanese animated films. i am thinking of reviewing some of the films here, especially from Studio Ghibli, but you know how lazy i can get.

well, some people still thinks sg is in china, so surely they haven't read our poems yet. :D
we whine and complain (and cuss) quite a lot (at least me), so that don't make us "emotionless", right?