Sunday, April 1, 2012

NaPoWriMo 2012 - Day # 1 - choa chu kang, cemetery path 4

I am sorry i started the challenge with a theme like this, but yesterday, i visited a friend's grave (this is the qing ming period), and i guessed this sort of inspired this.

choa chu kang, cemetery path 4

after the offerings
the smell of smoke
on my shirt,
ashes in my hair,
and memories of a friend.

walking to the bus stop
in a light drizzle,
the soft boom
of heavy artillery
behind distant hills.


© cheong lee san ( dsnake1 ), 2012


Ravenblack said...

It's lovely, even though a bit somber. The boom -- makes one wonder if it's thunder or really artillery. Add the effect of a kind of in-thought haze.

Everyday, I make my way to work, I have to go by Lornie Road and they are already in the process of exhuming the old graves there. One day there may be no more such places.

All the best on NaPoWriMo!

dsnake1 said...

thanks, raven, for your thoughtful comments.

yeah, even i found it a bit somber but that's the mood of the poem.
the live firing range is just beyond the hills, the booms are evenly spaced, not random like thunder, so i am pretty sure it's military stuff. and yes,a haze would have completed the picture. :)

old burial grounds make way for space for the living, that's a hard truth for a land-scarce country. :(

all the best on your Napowrimo journey too! :)

ashok said...

all the best!cheers...

SweetTalkingGuy said...

Gentle memories, well recorded!

dsnake1 said...


my friend, thanks for the encouragement! :)


thanks for the comments. :)